Webmail Trouble?

First of all, we have had problems with AOL users. No matter what Internet Service Provider you use (AOL, Juno, Earthlink...) it is usually better to get on the Internet with your ISP, then, open Internet Explorer before going to http://mail.goshenschools.org.

When you have trouble logging into the e-mail server via the web (http://mail.goshenschools.org) there are some steps to try...

If you have a prompt for username, password, and domain:
-fill out the domain field with GOSHENSCHOOLS (this is not case sensitive)

If you get a prompt, but only with username and password (NO domain)
-For the username put in GOSHENSCHOOLS\username
-You can also try username@goshenschools.org for the username

If you do not get a prompt for a login in Internet Explorer:
-check your security zones in preferences or Internet options on Windows of Internet Explorer. The security zone (Internet) that will apply to mail.goshenschools.org might not allow login prompts.

1. In Internet Explorer open the Edit menu and select preferences
2. Select Security Zones in the left pane
3. You should see Internet Zone selected at the top of the right pane
4. If you see Custom select, this may be your issue. Choose High or Medium security, either will allow the login prompt to come through

In most cases, you can just enter your username and password and ignore the rest, or at least, that's what I've experienced. If you find otherwise, use the steps above. I have not been able to determine the exact cases where one method works and another does. It seem to depend on the account as well as the browser, so it will likely remain a mystery.


All documentation provided within this site was written for Goshen Community Schools' staff and student population. Most documentation you will find will also work outside the context of Goshen Community Schools, however there will be some exceptions. Please keep this in mind while utilizing these pages.

Thank you.

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